Ryan Garcia-Luc Campbell Live Results and Analysis

Ryan Garcia-Luc Campbell Live Results and Analysis


Gutierrez beat Alvarado to win the Junior Lightweight title

Roger Gutierrez dropped Renée Alvarado in the 12th round to secure a narrow but unanimous win to win the “regular” Junior World Boxing Lightweight title, in the joint main event between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell at American Airlines Center in Dallas on Saturday.

After seeing his twin brother Felix Alvarado score a tenth round win by stopping to retain his junior flyweight world title earlier on the card, René Alvarado went on to lose the title in his first defense by scores of 113-112 on all three score cards.

Gutierrez, who had dedicated victory to his mother who died of cancer two months earlier, shot down Alvarado three times and decisively won the last round.

Alvarado (32-9, 21 Kos), 31, from Nicaragua, was suspended in the third round but recovered from two knockouts to control most of the fight.

Gutierrez (24-3-1, 20 Cos), 25, from Venezuela, took revenge on the seventh round loss by stopping by Alvarado in 2017, when a corner kick fell into the towel after suffering a bad wound.

Alvarado couldn’t stay erect in the third round when Gutierrez shot a superb ball from right to jaw. Alvarado took the count but was on an unsteady foot and used Gutierrez to drop him a second time with a straight oath sending Nicaragua back.

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His left hand shook up to the temple again, but he recovered and went on the fifth attack, and Gutierrez severely cut around his left eye. Then the fight looked like it drifted away from Gutierrez as Alvarado pushed speed in the second half, until the last round, when Gutierrez dropped Alvarado to a third count by peeking out the left hook in the chin.

Alvarado defeats Krill in a TKO win

Felix Alvarado starred in his US debut, scoring two knockouts in a tenth round win by pausing Dejay Kreel to defend his world title in lightweight flyweight.

After not boxing at all in 2020, Alfardo – Reni’s twin brother, who also works with the same card – showed his strength as one of the best players in the world at 108 pounds in his second defense of his world title.

Alvarado (36-2, 31 KOs), 31, from Nicaragua, sent a warning with a quick start, then hit Krill to the ground (15-2-1, 8 KOs), 25, with a left hook that fell to the chin in the second round. Kriel impressively survived from a minute and a half until the end of the second round, taking his big right hand to the chin in the process.

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Alvarado fired a bunch of shots in the fourth round and deposited South Africa on the canvas again with a left hook. But Kriel, a former straw weight rounder and quality factor, has bravely returned to shooting with quick hands.

Kriel narrowed the point margin in the middle rounds, but nearly prevailed at the end of the ninth round as Alvarado increased the pressure. Alvarado continued his attack in the 10th round and that was enough to stop him after a minute and 39 seconds as he fired a series of unanswered punches.

“I knew this was going to be a tough battle,” Alvarado said after the match. “He was a compulsive contender and former world champion, so I knew it was going to be tough. I got a little tired, but that was because of his experience. I also dropped him with a hook, and I didn’t even expect such a punch to land. But instead of looking for that punch, I kept pushing him To the cords to empty it.

I want any of the other world champions so I can show who’s the best in the department. “

Coriel beat Agaton in a TKO win

Raoul Curiel walked out of the gate quickly and never relented, hitting Ramses Agaton for over four minutes en route to a one-sided TKO victory in the second round.

Curiel (9-0, 7 KOs) focused on the body early on, and the left hook of the liver led to Agaton’s sprain, which fell to his knee in frustration. The fight seemed to come to a halt at the end of the first round after a series of punches against the ropes, but Agaton (22-13-3, 12 KOs) lasted long enough to hear the bell at the end of the first round.

The aggression did not stop with the start of the second round, however, and a constant barrage of the left and right upper hooks descended continuously. Agaton, whose right eye had bulged closed, was unable to protect himself and threw his corner with the towel at 1:16.

According to CompuBox, Curiel outperformed Agaton 43-10, despite throwing roughly the same amount of punches (108 for Curiel, 107 for Agaton).

Younger Garcia remains unbeaten with a majority decision victory

Lightweight younger brother Sean Garcia, Ryan Garcia, was unbeaten, beating René Marquez 38-38, 39-37 and 39-37.

Garcia (5-0, 2 Kos), faced a more difficult time than expected against Marquez (5-5, 2 Kos). Marquez continued to advance, landing body punches and throwing his right hand every time he approached Garcia. Garcia, 20, managed more punches in the third round, but ended the fight weary – the result of Marquez’s body attack.

According to CompuBox, Garcia landed 48 of 161 total punches, while Marquez, 31, was only able to land 30 out of 185. Garcia also delivered 43 of his power punches, while Marquis landed only 22.

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