Sources say former Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn is the favorite to be the Dallas Cowboys DC

Sources say former Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn is the favorite to be the Dallas Cowboys DC

Frisco, Texas – Dan Quinn is the favorite to become the next Defense Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, according to sources.

Quinn will take charge of Mike Nolan, who was sacked by coach Mike McCarthy last week, and inherit one of the worst seasons in cowboy history.

Quinn, who is traveling to Dallas for his first interview, according to a source, was fired as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons after five matches in 2020 having held the position since 2015. He set 43-42 records and earned the Falcons. To Super Bowl in its second season.

Going with Quinn would be a nod to a return to the scheme used by the Cowboys from 2013 to 2019 under the leadership of Monty Kevin, Rod Marinelli and Chris Richard.

Quinn, 50, was a Defense Coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks in 2013-14 before becoming head coach of Atlanta. He used a 4-3 chart that mostly used one high safety look and helped the Seahawks with back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. Seahawks finished first in the yards and allowed points in the two seasons.

Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones was careful to move away from the scheme the cowboys used in McCarthy’s first year because he thought it was too simplistic. Nolan brought in a hybrid defense that used cover-ups and multiple disguises that would confuse crimes, but that never happened.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nolan and the defense apparatus had to implement their new defense virtually, without any benefit from fieldwork until a short training camp began. Early results were disastrous, with the Cowboys conceding no fewer than 34 points in five of the first six games.

Nolan simplified the scheme early in the season, but the defense never took hold. The Cowboys allowed the most points in franchise history (473) and ended up defending the race at number 31.

Part of the problem was not a good fit for the players. The defensive line men used to attack the field to disrupt plays, as they were now required to stop the hurdles. Linebackers did not play on the slopes and were often late in making their decisions or were devoured by a larger attack line.

During his two years as a coordinator in Seattle, Quinn had a team built on defense with the likes of Cam Chancellor, Bobby WagnerEarl Thomas W. Richard Sherman.

He didn’t inherit that kind of talent in Dallas. De Marcus Lawrence He is the highest paid cowboy and did well in 2020, although he only had 6.5 bags Gaylon Smith He led the Cowboys in the maneuvers, but there are some questions about his future with the team due to potential salary cap issues. Leighton Vander-EshA pick from the first round in 2018, he missed six matches with a broken collarbone and sprained ankle.

Three individuals from secondary – safety Xavier Woods And Cornerbacks Shidobi Ozzi And the Jordan Lewis – They were appointed to become free agents. So is the rusher pass Aldon Smith.

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Cowboy feel angled Trivon Digges And address defensive Neville GlymourTheir choices are in the second and third rounds in 2020, with high ceilings, and safety in the second year Donovan Wilson He made plays when he moved to the starting line-up.

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