Report: Daryl Morey was “looking forward to many bargains” outside James Harden

Report: Daryl Morey was "looking forward to many bargains" outside James Harden

Most recently, Sixers coach Doc Rivers went on Rich iron display For an interview. Rivers was asked about some of the factors that led to his decision to go to the franchise in the off-season. He went on to cite his close relationship with 76ers chairman Daryl Morey, and later said this for more detail in his statement:

“Daryl has had a lot of deals so far where I said, ‘No, I don’t want to do that,’ and it goes ahead. That’s the kind of relationship you have to have when you have a coach and a manager, and I think it works that way.”

Some of the Sixers’ former front offices, led by the likes of Brian Colangelo or Elton Brand, have been very vocal in their belief in collaboration, with only one character making a final call. While this sounds positive in nature, the ideal has been linked to collaborating with Sixers who have made a lot of mistakes in the past.

An example of past unsuccessful collaborations can be found with former Sixers Vice President of Players Marc Eversley. Eversley has been reported to be a big voice / factor in the room for past decisions like crafting Markelle Fultz or signing Al Horford – both movements are now viewed with regret.

The Sixers now has a completely revamped front desk, led by the talented basketball mind of Daryl Morey. Although things have definitely changed since some of those decisions, it is a bit surprising to see The Sixers returning to an open collaborative effort so quickly.

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Also worth noting is how publicly Doc Rivers praised the duo of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Rivers has hinted at coaching both of the All Stars several times since his arrival at Philly. How much weight does the word Doc Rivers carry in the Sixers front office that might make a drastic decision with their votes.

This quote officially confirms that we can start operating the machines of the trade again. Not surprisingly Daryl Morey was shopping the NBA scene to improve his roster; He’s made countless moves since becoming CEO of Basketball in early 2010. The main question left to answer is probably what kind of move he’s thinking? Are we into a huge deal that probably involves someone like Bradley Bell? Is it a subtle move to beat the Sixers with a quality role player like PJ Tucker? That remains to be seen.

In terms of votes, it is very likely that the current Sixers team does not end this season as they are now. The list has many vulnerabilities, such as the defense of its surroundings, and it lacks great firing quality, among other factors. The trading deadline for the NBA won’t be until March 25, so we’ll see what Daryl Morey has to offer in his pocket in the coming months.

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