French police attack while trying to stop New Year’s Eve delirium | world News

Police are trying to shut down the underground New Years Eve party and breach the curfew that has attracted at least 2,500 people in the West France I was attacked by loaders who burned a police car and wounded officers with a barrage of bottles and rocks.

The regional government said on Friday that hundreds of vehicles began gathering at a hangar in Lioron, Brittany, Thursday night to celebrate the New Year. She added that the police came under attack when they tried to prevent the crows from installing the party equipment.

Cases of the French aura

And the regional government said that 2,500 French and exiting birds were still celebrating on Friday morning, amid a heavy police presence.

Prosecutors were studying a range of potential criminal charges. The ceremony was held despite a curfew in France from 8 pm until 6 am which aims to dissuade public gatherings during the pandemic.

However, party-goers demanded understanding after months of closures and curfews that had devastated nightlife designed to curb coronavirus infection.

It is understood that the party-goers in the abandoned barn in Lyuron came from different French departments.

It is understood that the party-goers in the abandoned barn in Lyuron came from different French departments. Photography: Jean-Francois Mounir / AFP / Getty Images

A volunteer with an aid group that has been distributing masks, anti-virus gels and health advice at a techno party said the jacks need to be disposed of. He said crows try to stay safe by not sharing their joints or drinks. Their group, Techno +, was advising party-goers to self-isolate for a week and then take the test after attending a rave. The group also said the abandoned hangar was well ventilated.

France has reported more than 64,000 virus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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