Batuman Premier wants Kate Kane for Sparkling Javicia Leslie

Batuman Premier wants Kate Kane for Sparkling Javicia Leslie

New Batuman.  Looks great.

New Batuman. Looks great.
picture: CW

After months of delays related to covid-19, a new season of The CW’s Batuman Here with a brand new Ranger on his head. I am glad to confirm that Gavicia Leslie Just like cool Ryan Wilder New Batuman. If you skip this offer with a reason Ruby roseOr, just because you have so much TV on your plate, it’s time to come back for a second look, because with Leslie on your head, this show finally looks like the Bat-verse CW you want.

Or at least I want to. I am not here for Dangerous killer Batman. Vanity is wild and goofy by nature and I want my Bat-related shows to be wild by nature and goofy. The first season of Batuman He tried it and had totally ridiculous things like heads in freezers, brightly-lit playgrounds, and Rachel Scarsten the villain of Alice.

But Rose was a startlingly disproportionate as a lead and despite what some people think (I suppose producers are mainly in entertainment), you actually need a really good actor as the titular flagship of a TV show. Leslie is so good that she makes everyone around her better. There is real energy in the scenes she shares with actors from Season 1, and over the course of the two episodes you watched, I could see the actors come together and click.

However, the superhero series’ biggest improvement may be from having Ryan as the leader instead of Kate Kane. While Kate had a solid reason to wear the cowl in Greg Rucka and JH Williams III Batuman In DC Comics reboot, the same cannot be said of the show. She almost seemed to fall into the role; I took On the head and the cowl because the show needed it, And not for any real reason driven by personality.

Ryan is different.

Illustration of an article titled The New Batwoman Punches a Man Face Off in its Incredible Debut

This new hero The story is also, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite intertwined with that of Kate. But we will come back to that. First we need to discuss the most victorious moment in the episode. Ryan has it Lots of believable rage evident in the season 2 premiere (“What happened to Kate Kane?”) When Hush tries to kill her with a kryptonite bullet. She takes the shot like a champ, jumps, then punches BRUCE WAYNE’S FACE OFF HUSH’S BODY.

unbelievable. amazing. Do you think the show will see Hush for half a season pretending to be Bruce Wayne? Because you do not! Batwoman put this story to rest at 40+ Minutes. But let’s get back to how we got to Batwoman with her beating a man’s face.

Mary has had a difficult year, everyone.  Even by 2020.

Mary has had a difficult year, You all. is beingVin by 2020 benchmarks.
picture: CW

At the top of the premiere, Kate’s plane crashed across the sky before crashing near where Ryan was sleeping in a truck. She immediately rushed to find survivors because she is a good person, instead Find a green ringShe finds Batwoman’s jumpsuit – and no clue to Kate herself. The show demonstrates that there is no trace of Kate’s body and that means she can totally return at a later time (perhaps with a little facial reconstructive surgery that TV series loves to use when remaking the cast). But the story treats it as if Kate was dead.

Her family and friends mourned her. Sophie retracts from her relationship with Alfred’s daughter, Julia, Because of her grief. Kate Jacob’s father And her sister Alice They both became more ferocious. Sister Mary and her best friend Luke Fox cry in the Batcave Cave as they realize the meaning of the crash. And then … Ryan suddenly puts on the cloak and takes out the bad guys and has a really good time doing it.

The Batsuit on Batuman It is more akin to an Iron Man suit than a Batts suit from the comics. instead of KEvlar and silk, There is nothing wrongevlar and a few million dollars in fancy tech that Ryan has to stumble upon by understanding it as she uses it to stamp out bad guys. Over the course of the premiere, Ryan got us backA story too An orphan who found a loving adoptive mother, When the two tried to move into the apartment she was paying for with her new job, they found Alice’s gang sitting there. Her mother was killed, Ryan nearly died, and the great upward momentum she was creating in life has vanished. Sophie and the rest of Jacob’s paramilitary police force, the Ravens, couldn’t stand it because they had had some clashes with the law before. But even then – there was a situation involving an ex-girlfriend – it seems so excited looking at who’s running around Gotham.

But she works with Ryan. Kate, and any billionaire who chooses to fight crime with a suit rather than his colossal wealth and influence, has always felt kind of silly as a thorn in the side of the crows. Season 1 wanted to indicate how horrible it was for Gotham to outsource her policing to a private company without oversight, but this rarely worked out when everyone cared about Kate working there and she had no desire to encourage them to find work. else.

Ryan is well aware of crows and how bad they are and has no personal attachments that keep her from bearing them. She also has a bone to pick with Alice that feels acquired and hard to beat. Plus it has not been downloaded! And they look very smart! Kate has often felt like a stupid jock who decided to take on the world so why not. Ryan feels like a smart woman who really wants to help make the world better, and not just herself. She has this sense of duty that makes the comedic version of Kate so compelling. After a year of wondering where Kate Kane is, Batuman I finally found her and her name is Ryan Wilder.

Luke was also a rough person.

Luke was also a rough person.
picture: CW

Miscellaneous meditations:

  • Oh ya! Do you remember how Hush faced Bruce Wayne’s face so he could steal kryptonite and do other bad things? Julia Penworth instantly portrays him as fake and then Ryan punches his actual face at the climax of the episode. They wasted no time putting that story to rest. I’m still in shock. unbelievable.
  • Also, Hush shoots Ryan with kReptonit is pretty much okay Although repeatedly stated on the show that it would be a fatal bullet. So … is there a chance that you are a Maitahoman?
  • Seriously, Leslie has just as much fun as Ryan that her joy is contagious. She’ll be totally smiling as she faces her first villain.
  • Batmobile finally appeared. Sucks.

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