Washington soccer team plans to hire GM after the season

Washington soccer team plans to hire GM after the season

At first glance, it appears that there are currently five General Manager jobs in the NFL, with the Carolina Panthers creating the last of them. But in reality, there are six.

Sources say the Washington soccer team plans to hire GM when the season ends, a continuation of plans that began when head coach Ron Rivera was appointed. The process will begin in earnest when the season is over, but expect a quick search.

Vice President Kyle Smith has worked alongside Rivera since he was appointed, taking over ratings and moves while Rivera has the final say. Washington appears to be looking for a more experienced voice.

Among the names expected to be considered and interviewed: former Texas General Manager Rick Smith, 49-player vice president of Martin Mayhew, and ex-General Panthers Marty Horney, among others.

Rivera was asked this week, after Hearney was fired in Carolina, about the possibility of a reunion between the two who had worked together for years with the Panthers.

“I’m not going to talk about our GM,” Rivera said. “All of these things, those elements, will be dealt with after the season ends. We are focusing on the play-off round.”

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