UPDATE: Submitting reports all GOT7 members will part with JYP Entertainment + response

UPDATE: Submitting reports all GOT7 members will part with JYP Entertainment + response

Updated on January 10, KST:

Sublime Artist confirmed they are in discussion with GOT7Youngjae is about a potential contract.

“We are currently in talks,” a source from the agency told Neuzen.

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On January 10, Dispatch reported that all seven members of GOT7 will be leaving JYP Entertainment.

According to Dispatch, the The 35th Golden Disc Awards It will be GOT7’s last activity as a group. A source in the industry stated, “The GOT7 members are very close. They agreed to stay together, but disagreed on the choice of their agency. After multiple discussions with the company, they decided to separate.”

As previously reported by other outlets, Dispatch made this clear Jinyoung He finished his finals discussions To sign BH Entertainment’s agency, while Yugyeom’s final contract Meetings With senior positions in AOMG. Previously, JYP Entertainment stated that it was discussing the various possibilities regarding GOT7 contracts.

Youngjae was reportedly exposed by Sublime Artist’s agency, which houses Song Kang HoAnd the Is raining, EXID Hany, And more. JB He has reportedly received offers from a popular hip-hop company as well as a world music label and plans to find a place to support him as a solo artist.

Dispatch says that Jackson He will continue his global activities through his private label Team Wang, and will carry out his activities in Korea through a separate agency. Bambam It is also reported balancing its activities in Thailand and Korea. For his activities in Korea, he will be receiving assistance from a content production agency and is said to be in talks to sign a contract with MakeUs Entertainment.

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According to Dispatch, Mark will return to his hometown of Los Angeles, USA to spend time with his family, after which he will open a YouTube channel. He is considering working on solo music in the United States.

A close acquaintance of GOT7 shared with Dispatch, “Members care a lot about GOT7. Even though they will be promoting separately, they have agreed to set aside time when GOT7 meets.”

In response to the report, a source from JYP Entertainment stated, “We cannot confirm this [agencies] Every member is in contact with. We will inform you as soon as our position on GOT7 contract renewal is ready. “

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