The developers among us know new things take a long time, and here’s why

The developers among us know new things take a long time, and here's why

Developers Between us She dropped a line Tuesday to thank fans for their patience and explain why new developments in the heavy-duty multiplayer hit are slowly progressing.

Between us Gained amazing traction in late 2020 we didn’t expect it, and that means a lot of change for us, ”InnerSloth Wrote on the studio’s official blog. “We didn’t just need to get back to work Between us After thinking it was done, but we also needed to prepare ourselves more sustainably to work in the game. “

Between us It launched on Windows PC in November 2018, but it has become a quarantine culture, and social gaming proliferated after major Twitch players began airing it over the summer. InnerSloth said the additional staffing and organization needed to take over post-release support for the game took two months of time. He also meant the studio Stop working on sequels Back in September, to make sure the original game wasn’t shorthand for players to new platforms.

“There are a lot of other things outside of our control (legal issues, meetings, planning), so sometimes these things take longer as well,” stated the blog post.

Between us Also Made its console debut With the Nintendo Switch in December, which includes certifications and other processes other than post-launch support for the original game. InnerSloth, based in Redmond, Washington, has four employees. The studio said, “We have help from our transportation partners for this, but that still means we need to make sure that the future things we do on those platforms are supported.”

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Between us It will be launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series X this year, and is already available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers for PC. At the 2020 Games Awards on December 10, Innersloth Announce a new mapZeppelin, you’re going to join the game.

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