The 76ers believe they made a deal for James Harden

76ers star Ben Simmons and Nets star James Harden with Rockets

76ers tried hard to trade for James Harden, It said Show Ben Simons And the Matisse Thebol Before sending missiles Network hardening.

How close is Philadelphia?

Keith Pompey from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

But The Sixers believe they have a deal for Harden, according to sources. The team won’t come out and say so, but Mowry has aggressively pushed for a reunion with the best player of 2018. Simmons and Thybulle were informed by their agents on Wednesday of the expected trade.

Another league source said the Rockets never called the Sixers to get a counter-offer before making an impressive four-team deal that sent Harden to Brooklyn.

Does this support the theory of missile owner Tillman Fertita? He refused to trade Harden with PhiladelphiaWhere does former Houston General Manager Daryl Morey work now?


Morey has a good reputation Not Warning Players of possible moves. Telling Simmons and Thybulle to expect the trade would be a strong indication that the 76ers really expected the deal to close.

But maybe Morrie is trying to change his reputation. Firmly advertise Philadelphia You will not trade with Simmons. This situation may have led him to keep his players in a loop Possibility Of trade.

It’s also common for one team to think a deal is close when the other team doesn’t share that opinion.

Houston’s lack of a counter-show from the 76ers would be quite remarkable. But perhaps the Nets made an offer of “take it or leave it” as a negotiating tactic, and the Rockets felt compelled to accept it immediately. Regarding, it is possible Houston – yet Extended Conversations with Philadelphia – I just knew the 76ers wouldn’t make the Brooklyn Show.

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So, I wouldn’t assume Rockett played Philadelphia. Houston just accepted a different offer, arguably better.

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