Steelers are making changes to the coaching staff

Steelers are making changes to the coaching staff

On Wednesday, coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference at the end of his season and was asked if there were any changes to his coaching staff this off season.

“Change is part of our job,” Tomlin said during his press conference. “I’ll admit that it is possible. We’ve just begun the process of having those kinds of meaty discussions that usually produce or don’t change. It’s that time of year. I expect these discussions to happen and happen soon. Draw a path forward.”

The Steelers wasted no time making decisions.

On Thursday morning, the team announced that the contracts of attack coordinator Randy Fichtner, forward coach Sean Sarrett and defender Tom Bradley would not have been renewed.

“I would like to thank the three coaches for their commitment and dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Tomlin said in a statement on Thursday. “They have all played key roles in our success and I appreciate their efforts. Personally, Randy and I have been in Pittsburgh since I hired him in 2007, but our relationship started long before that. He’s been friends with me since then and I’ve been wishing his family nothing but the best, and I’m grateful Forever to our relationship on and off the field. ”

Sarrett joined the Steelers in 2012 and was an Offensive Assistant for six seasons, from 2012 to 17. In 2018 he was promoted to Assistant Frontline Coach. Sarrett was appointed head coach of the team’s offensive line in 2019, a role he has held in the past two seasons.

Bradley joined the Steelers in 2018 as the team’s defensive back coach, a role he held for three seasons. Bradley joined the team after coaching professionally at college football, including Pennsylvania State University.

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