Sources said the Houston Texas company ignored the search company in hiring Nick Casereo

Sources said the Houston Texas company ignored the search company in hiring Nick Casereo

Had the Houston Texans stayed on the track and followed the recommendation of research firm Korn Ferry, they would likely have appointed Pittsburgh Steelers Vice President Football and Business Administration Omar Khan as their general manager, sources in the league ESPN report.

Khan and Monday night soccer analyst Lewis Reddick were finalists before Texas owner Cal McNair changed his mind, ignoring the recommendation of a search firm that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do weeks of work and hire a former New England Patriots player manager, sources Nick Casereo said. staff.

Several people in the Texas organization, including the quarterback Deshawn Watson, Annoyed by the way Houston research has taken a surprising and unexpected turn, as it named a man Korn Ferry had not included in the nominee.

Watson is said to be outraged by the decision, others are as well, with some saying there will be employees who end up leaving the organization during their break.

Watson is on vacation, and McNair said he expects to speak with the midfielder once he returns. But how this would happen, if it did, remains uncertain. Some across the league believe that Watson may choose to withhold his services this season. Watson has not commented on this option, but others insist it will be under implementation.

A person who knows Watson said this week, after Texas traded a wide Pro Bowl receiver Dee Andre Hopkins Last season, the quarterback’s anger level was “2. … this time, it’s 10.”

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