Rumor: Datamine is apparently revealing everything about its new Nintendo Switch review

Rumor: Datamine is apparently revealing everything about its new Nintendo Switch review

It’s only the seventh day of the year and we already have some wild Nintendo rumors circulating online so grab some salt and read on.

According to an article on Wccftech, A known data hacker and controller M Revealed “new information” about the rumored “Switch Pro” model by sifting through the firmware code – although the source says these details have been Not It has to be accurate necessarily and there is a fair amount of speculation as well.

With this in mind, it appears that the modified system could be codenamed “Aula” and use a Mariko SoC. Plus, he thinks it will appear Both Handheld and well-established playback, support for 4K in some way or shape and it can even include an OLED display. The Realtek chip may also be in the dock, instead of the system.

Here is the full SciresM breakdown, via Reset:

Nintendo is already working on a new model with upgraded display elements and has been in business for about 1.5-2 years. Personally, I think it’s 4K due to the signals I see in the firmware, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet and it might be a bug.

The new device, codenamed Aula, uses the Mariko SoC. There’s a bunch of references to it in the code (the atmosphere supports the new offering in theory).

The tablet itself definitely has an upgraded screen, I don’t know if it’s 4K.

Aula has firmware that supports some Realtek chipsets which advertise themselves as “4K UHD multimedia SoC” as well, hence I think it’s 4K. This chip may be inside a new dock and not inside the tablet, however, there is no way to find out the firmware code yet.

Aula explicitly supports mobile mode. Not just anchor; This is Calcio, which appears to be dedicated internally only / never launches because Calcio has neither a game card slot nor a battery.

You can check the boot system display icon if you are curious. The new monitor doesn’t support PWM power management, it has its own vendor that I had to reverse engineer and implement a month or two ago.

Marico has significantly better cooling and battery life. It’s a bona fide death shrinking on the original generation.

My best guess (net speculation, there’s no indication of firmware as such) is that if they need extra performance, they’ll push it to higher hourly rates across the board.

But yes, I think the games will be like “DSi optimized” games, or like how some games will benefit from the PS4 Pro despite working on the PS4.

After checking my previous discussions with hexkyz, the tablet’s upgraded display is OLED. Maybe not a higher resolution on the tablet itself, so I think the realtek 4k chip is more likely a new dock than I thought.

Vanilla probably won’t do.

We are in the realm of speculation. Aula has a new GPIO module which the Redbox has not associated with supporting this, so I think initially that the Redbox units will not support the new thing.

Switch ‘Pro’ rumors have been circulating for a few years now, and a number of Industry analysts are still confident it will appear sometime this year. You can follow all previous developments at Our comprehensive guide.

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What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think any of this could happen or is it not likely that way Fake Nintendo Direct Leak? Tell us in the comments below.

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