Riot has revealed the new Jungler Viego game, The Shattered King, which is being released later this month

Image via Riot Games

The Broken King will finally rule the Rift later this month.

Confirmed riot League of Legends‘Next Jungler, Viego, during day 11 season Live broadcast. Although there is no exact release date yet, the new champ will likely arrive on live servers with Patch 11.2 on January 21st.

Image via Riot Games

The Viego’s full suite of abilities has yet to be revealed, but Riot has provided fans with a small snippet of his gameplay. It looks like Viego can take over an enemy hero and play for a short while like him.

Viego was previously disturbed by Riot in September Hero Road Map, Referring to it as a “romantic new forest skirmish” that would be “a twisted heart and has minds.” This might indicate a witch ability of some kind, giving him some form of CC.

Viego will also appear as the main antagonist in Riot Forge’s upcoming RPG. The Shattered King: A League of Legends a story. Players will past Bilgewater and sail to Shadow Isles to explore the deadly black fog. six League The heroes will be RPGs, including Miss Fortune, Ahri, Illaoi, Yasuo, Braum, and Pyke.

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