QB Aaron Rodgers aims to rewrite the Packers’ one-season TD record

QB Aaron Rodgers aims to rewrite the Packers' one-season TD record

With Aaron Rodgers joining the Green Bay Packers midfielder to their second successive NFC North title and on the threshold of number one in NFC, he appeared to be at his best, although he had long been noticed behind him.

At the age of 37, Rodgers is AP Most Valuable Player favorite and is well positioned to surpass perhaps the greatest season of his career.

Rodgers has a groundbreaking 44 passes in the NFL this season, and is just one time away from the one-season record for players that Rodgers scored in 2011 when he threw 45 – and was voted the best player.

Rodgers is a two-stage relegation away from continuing the trend of midfielders who score a new franchise for one season this year.

So far, the NFL’s four-star midfielders set new franchise records for one season in 2020 and Rodgers is poised to be fifth.

The The last was the Buffalo Bills quarterback team Josh Allen On the Monday Night Football Finale, beating Jim Kelly’s seasonal season mark.

In his first year with the franchise, he put on Tom Brady The new Tampa Bay hacker standard In Week 16, he broke the record set by James Winston just one season.

Russell Wilson broke his Seahawks record of 35 TDs in 2018 with his four-point show in Week 14 against the Jets.

Rodgers prepares to take home a new best result in Titletown on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, who faced 19-5 in the regular season with 51 touchdowns – at a rate of 2.125 per match.

If Rodgers sets a new benchmark for a single season of Packers, it will be the fifth record-breaking performance for that season, which will be the most since 1998, according to NFL research. With the exception of expansion teams, the largest number in any season would be seven, and this was done in 1980 and 1963.

Rodgers will likely be the only record holder on Sunday.

Ben Rothlesberger’s 33rd pass this season is just one step away from his Pittsburgh Steelers record of 34 in 2018. However, it has already been announced that Rothlisberger will not be playing against the Cleveland Browns as the Steelers held North Asia. .

Others within the area code for franchise records are Ryan Tannehill, who tracks 32 touchdowns in Hall of Famer George Blanda’s 36 in 1961 and who represents the best Titans / Houston Oilers franchise. And AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, rising record holder Justin Herbert, No. 28 TD throws, is six shots away from 2008 Philip Rivers, which is No. 34.

While it would take a rather spectacular outing for Tannhill or Herbert to set records for one season, Rodgers’ continuation alongside the stellar 2020 should make him surpass himself in 2011.

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