PS5 black sale ends in disaster, with all orders canceled due to ’employee threats’

PS5 black sale ends in disaster, with all orders canceled due to ’employee threats’

Launch a custom set of lions PlayStation 5 The console disaster is over this weekend, with the third-party SUP3R5 canceling all orders due to alleged threats to its employees after the units run out.

About 300 long-awaited consoles, which feature Custom design based on PlayStation 2, It went on sale to North American customers on Friday, at $ 649 – $ 200 more than usual Play Station 5 RRP.

Unsurprisingly, given the constant demand for SonyConsole, the black PS5 sold out in less than 20 minutes – and it would likely have done so faster had it not been for significant technical issues on the SUP3R5 website as it struggled to handle the demand.

The company Issued a statement On Friday evening, he said he was “embarrassed” by the way the launch was going in North America, as some customers reported that they were being charged for their orders without actually receiving confirmation that they had acquired the console.

Sales of the PS5 black custom have been canceled.

Plenty of black PS5 controllers too It started showing up on reseller sites like eBay, With users asking for thousands of dollars, although SUP3R5 has said it will cancel it.

SUP3R5 insisted it would return money to those wrongly accused and pledged to do better with its international launch, which was delayed from Saturday to later in the month.

However, just hours after that letter, the company announced that it was canceling all orders and issuing refunds due to its team receiving “credible threats to their safety.”

“Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety,” the company said in a statement. We take these threats very seriously. We are not prepared to risk the safety and well-being of our team, or the potential impact this might have on the delivery of your order. ”

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She added, “All current orders will be canceled and fully refunded in the coming days. You will receive a notification when this happens.”

“We wanted this to be a fun way to celebrate shared nostalgia. As it turns out, there are people willing to interfere with that. If we decide it’s safe to try again, we’ll do it. For now, please stay safe.”

The news was predictably met with frustration by those who managed to purchase a console, as many customers accused the SUP3R5 of fraud tactics (however, there is no evidence of tampering).

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Currently, Sony has not committed to releasing different color PS5 consoles or customization options, although some other third-party companies have promised their own solutions.

The Canadian company Dbrand recently announced that it will receive orders soon A set of black PS5 interfaces He rejected suggestions that Sony could stop it.

The Dbrand product launch comes on the heels of a high profile UK case that saw one company Canceled its plans to create custom PS5 skins After Sony threatened legal action.

Asked by a Reddit user if he feared similar legal action on his faceplates, Dbrand rejected the idea, writing, “We encourage them to give it a try.” A comment on the Reddit post also states: “Judge Sony.”