Post Malone donated 10,000 fully sold Crocs to frontline workers

Post Malone donated 10,000 fully sold Crocs to frontline workers
Musicians on call, An organization that brings live and recorded music to patients’ beds in healthcare facilities announced that Grammy Award-nominated artist, Post Malone, will donate 10,000 pairs of sold-out Duo Max Cluj 2 Crocs to frontline workers at 70 hospitals across the country.

The nonprofit has shared photos of some hard-to-reach workers with shoes on their social media accounts.

“As an early special gift from #FrontlineValentines, we teamed up with postmalone and crocs, to offer our hospital partners nationwide a gesture of gratitude with added convenience !,” The caption on the Instagram photo was read from the charity’s verified account. “Caregivers and staff receive their very own pair of Post Malone’s fifth collaboration #pmxcrocs as a thank you for their courageous work on the front lines of keeping our communities safe!”

Shoes are known for their comfort, and the Duet Max Clog II represents Malone’s fifth collaboration with the company. They were released last month and the procedure pairs were sold out in less than a day.

Crocs has also collaborated with singer Justin Bieber and the restaurant Kentucky.

CNN has reached out to Malone representatives for comment.

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