Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan split from ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan split from 'The Bachelor'

It ended up being Peter Webber and Kelly Flanagan.

The former “Bachelorette” announced that he and Flanagan had separated Instagram at length Message on New Year’s Eve.

“Love is funny,” the 29-year-old captain commented on a photo of the couple on a picnic, looking at the sunset. “It can make you feel on top of the world and it can make you feel the pain you wish it wasn’t there. I’m here to share that Kelly and you’ve decided to go our separate path.”

He made it clear that their relationship did not work out.

“Kelly is someone I will always have a special love with. Someone I have learned more from than I will understand. Someone I am so grateful has come into my life and someone I always wish all the great blessings in life,” he continued. “These moments in life are always painful, but in my opinion this shows that they are worth the time you spend together. Thank you Kelly.”

Flanagan, 28, has not commented on the split.

Flanagan took fifth place in the Weber season of the popular ABC dating show in 2020. Weber suggested model Hannah Ann Sloss, but he ended their engagement because of the feelings he still had about runner-up Madison Prewitt.

After things She didn’t outgrow PrewittWeber began dating Flanagan. Their relationship was Confirmed in April 2020.

In August, Weber posted to Instagram about the night he met Flanagan along with a video of people dancing.

He wrote, “A year ago, today I met this person in the lobby.” “We danced all night and then went our separate path. I didn’t really know if I would ever see it again. This life is so beautiful and beautiful. Let’s see what next ❤️kelleyflanagan.”

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