Off He Goes: Reports Kyle Schwarber signed with Citizens (UPDATE)

Off He Goes: Reports Kyle Schwarber signed with Citizens (UPDATE)

If you hold on to the hope that despite not giving in December, the Cubs may meet again with defender Kyle Schwarper, you can pool those hopes in a dusty box.

Schwarber is going to the Nationals:

Schwarber, 27, still has so much unrealized offensive potential as a full-on hitter that the thought of his finally breaking up with another club flips my stomach a little. I can understand that the Cubs are moving in from the perspective that they wanted to change the line-up, and they might not see that Schwarber’s game changed enough to fit that mold. And yes, I can also understand that The corner of the market is loaded interesting Species. And yes, I knew that, once no bid was received, the chance of the cubs returning to Schwarber was nearly zero.

But I still feel bad. More soon.

Update: Schwarber got the maximum of his potential arbitration expectations, which is good for him, but also confirms that there won’t be much commercial value given the uncertainty about the arbitration this year:

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