OC Dirk Koetter, OL coach Chris Morgan is among the plethora of Falcons coaches Arthur Smith has not kept

OC Dirk Koetter, OL coach Chris Morgan is among the plethora of Falcons coaches Arthur Smith has not kept

With the new Atlanta Falcons Coach Arthur Smith has begun to assemble his crew, and he is obligated to bring his comrades to various assistant positions.

On Wednesday, we received news of some of the assistants from Dan Quinn’s crew that would not remain on Smith’s coaching roster, including some big names like attack coordinator Dirk Koetier and forward coach Chris Morgan.

AJC’s Orlando Leadbeater also indicated that assistant defensive coach Eden Durdy will join Queen in Atlanta to train the Dallas defense line.

Smith’s employment clearly meant writing was on the wall for Koetter, and keeping him was always an incredibly long shot. Morgan is notable, though, as he has been with the squad since 2015 and was one of the only survivors of the original Kyle Shanahan squad, eventually working with three offensive coordinators. He did a really great job in his first few years but the unit overall has gone down a bit starting in 2018. Matt Ryan has had a lot of hits lately, and the running game hasn’t been constantly boosted by OL’s performance. The scheme plays a huge part in that, and fans have been clamoring for a change for a couple of years now. Morgan’s experience and knowledge of Shanahan means he won’t be looking for a long job.

The Falcons’ offensive streak has a lot of promises with Jake Matthews continuing to play at a high level and emerging young talents in Chris Lindstrom, Caleb McGary and Matt Hennessy. But Smith sure has companions that he wants to work in his line of attack as he begins to put together his aide training group.

Watch out for Titans’ assistant forward coach Mike Sullivan for the OL position. He and Smith had been together in Tennessee since 2014 (at the start of Ken Wiesenhunt’s short stint with the team), and Sullivan has a broad background coaching offensive lines in the NFL.

He’s been assistant forward line coach Smith with the Titans since 2019 and held the same role from 2014 to 17. He was an offensive assistant in 2018. It’s entirely possible that the Titans would allow former Atlanta aide Keith Carter to jump in with Smith, but it’s not quite likely like Sullivan. Given how well he trained that unit in Tennessee. Though, another potential employer that we’re not even aware of yet is definitely in the mix as well.

In addition to the names mentioned above, Raheem Morris is expected to land with the Rams and likely take defense analyst Bob Sutton with him, while Geoff Olbrich is expected to head to the Gates with new coach Robert Saleh. Only special team coordinator Bernie Parmaly has a realistic chance of turning around at coordinator level after he did well with Ben Kotoyka last year, while assistants such as defensive back coach Doug Mallory and broad reception coach Dave Brooke may or may not be. Back as well.

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Who will hire Smith for his attacking team? So many staff members stay, and it’s always refreshing to get new perspectives with the way our attack is trained. They are definitely needed.

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