LG imagines a bed with an OLED TV that can be seen through the vision

LG imagines a bed with an OLED TV that can be seen through the vision

LG Display continues its trend of reimagining the future of displays at CES 2021 with a new transparent TV. The panel is a 55 inch OLED screen, but its transparent design lets you see through it even when turned on and project an image.

LG Display says the screen achieves 40 percent transparency, which is an improvement over previous transparent LCD screens that the company claims to have achieved just 10 percent transparency.

LG visualizes the screen sitting at the foot of the bed, where it can be raised partially or completely to show information or videos while maintaining the view of the other side of the screen. The panel as designed now houses built-in speakers in the form of LG Display’s Cinema OLED (CSO) technology, which uses screen vibrations to produce sound. It’s the same sound system found in LG’s other OLED prototype that was announced at CES this year, which is Bendable gaming screen It can go from flat to curved.

LG says the transparent OLED kit can also be moved around the house if you want to place it elsewhere (if it’s something you can actually buy, which you can’t buy right now).

LG Display has designed its first model of 55 inch transparent OLED screen to rest at the foot of the bed.
Photo: LG Screen

The company sees this as a smart home device and a device that could someday be used in public places, such as in restaurants and on public transport.

“Transparent OLED is a technology that increases the advantages of OLED and can be used in various places in our daily life, from stores, malls and architectural interiors to autonomous vehicles, subways and airplanes,” Jong-sun Park, LG, Display Corporation Senior Vice President and Head of Business, said in a statement . “It will grow into a next-generation screen that can change the current display paradigm.”

LG Display visualizes its transparent OLED screen outside the home, as a window to a subway and a display in a public transport setting.
Photo: LG Screen

This isn’t the first transparent screen to debut at CES; We saw Transparent OLED screens from Samsung before, And Panasonic Demonstrated a transparent screen prototype back in 2016 (Although it was only HD). And it’s not even LG’s first transparent OLED screen – the company announced last month that it had launched Development of transparent OLED sliding doors For office buildings and commercial space. LG has also created an 77-inch curved transparent OLED back in 2017 That I imagined could be used for signage or advertising.

But this is the first screen of this kind of LG Display, it is designed strictly as a TV that can be placed in someone’s home, not just something you see in a futuristic mall or any other commercial place.

This is just one of many experimental LG display prototypes, some of which have already become real products you can buy. The company made waves in previous CES offerings with various iterations of perishable OLED technology, while the commercial version of TV using the technology finally It went on sale in South Korea in October last year For $ 87,000.

Unfortunately, there is currently no indication that LG’s new transparent OLED TV will become a real product at some point in the future or how much it will cost if that happens.

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