LG Display announces its smallest OLED TV panel to date

LG Display announces its smallest OLED TV panel to date

LG Display has provided some details about the OLED panels that will be shipped to TV manufacturers this year. The lineup includes a 42-inch panel, which is the smallest OLED TV size to date on LG Display, as well as a new 83-inch panel size likely to be displayed in The Bravia lineup that Sony unveiled a few days ago.

This means that OLED TVs will be available this year in sizes of 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 and 88 inches. LG Display says it is also shipping a 77-inch “next-generation” panel that is said to be 20 percent more efficient and thus capable of higher brightness than before, a relative drawback for OLED TVs so far.

LG Display is a component manufacturer and doesn’t release consumer products itself, so it’s unclear who will put a 42-inch TV on sale this year. Larger-sized LG Electronics hasn’t fully unveiled its 2021 OLED TV lineup, however According to a report in Yonhap, “OLED evo” brand will be used for new panels in the 2021 “G1” series.

LG Display has already made news at this year’s virtual CES, announcing A. The concept of “smart bed” With a transparent OLED panel that rises off the foot, side by side with 48 ” Flexible Panel It can go from a flat screen TV to a curved gaming screen.

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