Kansas City Chiefs finds his way to victory behind Chad Henny after suffering a concussion

Kansas City Chiefs finds his way to victory behind Chad Henny after suffering a concussion

Kansas City, Missouri – The Kansas City Chiefs had two big games from in between near the end of the game to preserve Sunday’s 22-17 knockout victory over the Cleveland Browns, but that player was not. Patrick Mahomes.

With Mahomes in the locker room after suffering a concussion and leaving the game, Chad Henny He performed two great plays to save Presidents. In the Chiefs’ final drive, she scrambles 13 yards, ending with a dive in an attempt to reach the first drop mark, to prepare a fourth and single throw.

Complete a five-yard pass to Terek Hill To allow bosses to keep driving and run out of clock.

“When you’re around him, you totally know,” said Reid of why he trusted Henne, who hasn’t been a regular player since 2014, when he was with Jacksonville Jaguars. “Everyone has complete confidence in him.

“I think we’ll all remember running, that diving, and then throwing.”#HenneThingIsPossibleAfter the game.

Henne replaced Mahomes in the third quarter. Mahomes is badly damaged by Brown back Mac Wilson In his attempt to rush in in the third quarter and appeared uneasy when he got up on his feet. He was taken to the injury tent on the sidelines for a quick check before heading to the locker room.

“He’s actually doing very well,” said Reid after the match. “We’ll see what he looks like tomorrow, but now he’s feeling a lot better.”

The status of Mahomes in next Sunday’s AFC Championship match against the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium is unclear. The Chiefs beat the Bills 26-17 at Week 6 at Buffalo with Mahomes in the middle.

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After the match, Wilson wrote on Twitter that he hoped Mahomes could return to the AFC title match, to which Mahomes replied: “All good brother!”

If Henne were to play instead, the two plays he did in the final leadership of the Chiefs will help give his teammates some confidence in their ability to beat the Bills and advance to the Super Bowl LV.

“That’s all,” my defense emerged Tyrant Matteo Heine said in the final command. These are the moments that elevate the teams.

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