Josh McDaniels as the next Eagles coach? Multiple signs seem to indicate this way

Josh McDaniels as the next Eagles coach?  Multiple signs seem to indicate this way

Although nothing is official yet, there are several references pointing to New England Patriots Become the coordinator of the attack Josh McDaniels Philadelphia EaglesNext coach.

Let’s run them all:

  • The Eagles interviewed McDaniels in person on Sunday. John Clark reported that the meeting continued.From mid-morning until 9:00 pm. “To be clear, a long interview does not necessarily guarantee an appointment. But this was clearly not just a courtesy meeting. McDaniels is a serious competitor.”
  • McDaniels has links to Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman. Lori is a native of Boston and has always been fond of Patriots. Lowry also curiously referred to McDaniels on the basis of the first name during his press conference that launched after Doug Pederson. Context:

“We didn’t know we were going to lose Frank Reich but all of a sudden it just happened when Josh turned down that job and went all out – so you have to be aware.”

Rosman was a college roommate with Jedd Fisch, who worked with McDaniels as the New England midfielder coach in 2020.

10. Josh McDaniels. When I heard the New England Offensive Coordinator was interviewing Copper Eagles on Sunday, I loved it for three reasons. Firstly: The interviews given by The Eagles are notoriously bad all day long. I heard Robert Saleh and Joe Brady spent over seven hours in the interview chair. So Philly is interviewing the people the series is interested in, not in a “check-the-box” way. Second: I like organizations that don’t look at what other people are doing. There is clearly a remnant of McDaniels who slipped her Indy job a couple of years ago, which is understandable. But a couple of years ago, Colts might have been the best job there, Andrew Luck hadn’t left yet, and they had a smart and progressive general manager at Chris Ballard, picking Colts McDaniels over Mike Frapple. McDaniels hasn’t taken the dumb pill since. Good for Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman for judging 44-year-old McDaniels working group rather than passing judgment on the bad 2020 alone. In 12 of his 13 seasons as Attack Coordinator in New England, the Patriots had a team of top 10 goals. And third, the Eagles clearly want to save Carson Wentz. McDaniels knows how to train and train hard midfielders. We’ll see what happens. Who knows who will hire the vultures, with Staley now out on the market. But the credit goes to the Eagles for interrogating McDaniels.

  • Sports agency that represents Presidents of Kansas City Attack coordinator Eric Binemi, who has reportedly been wanting to be interviewed, appears to think McDaniels get the job at Philly:
  • There is a buzz from local reporters about McDaniels to The Eagles:
  • Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk He indicated that the hire of Eagles could happen as soon as this week. Al Nisoor cannot appoint a coach who is currently in the qualifiers. McDaniels are not in the playoffs.

“According to a source with knowledge of search dynamics, there is no set timeline for hiring an employee – but it could end sooner rather than later, and possibly this week.”

  • Eagles were prone to over-correction. Prime example: The team just didn’t have enough speed in 2019, so they went out and were forced to pick Galen Rigor in the first round (instead of picking the best player available on Justin Jefferson) due to “fitness”. From a coaching perspective, the Eagles used “emotional intelligence” as a reason to replace Chip Kelly with Dog Pederson. Maybe now they’d see Pederson being too lenient (especially in Carson Wentz’s case) and want someone who was trained a bit more difficult.
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So, Eagles fans, it might be time to prepare yourselves for McDaniels to be Pederson’s replacement. It would not be a popular employment, if it happened:

Elsewhere, in the uproar of Eagles’ training …

  • the Eagles It said Interviews Tampa Bay Pirates Defense Coordinator Todd Bowles on Monday. But wait. How will they meet him if the players are still in the qualifiers? Apparently, candidates can circumvent the NFL rule and continue to conduct interviews if they obtain permission from the property.
  • The Los Angeles Chargers Hiring Brandon Staley after he was previously linked to Brian Dabol was considering some (myself included) Buffalo bills The Offensive Coordinator could be a strong contender for the Eagles’ job. But it looks like Daboll might be staying at Buffalo:

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