Joaquin Nieman ends with the Eagle and takes the lead in the Sony Open

Joaquin Nieman ends with the Eagle and takes the lead in the Sony Open

Honolulu – Joaquin Nyman He did not regret the eighteenth hole at the Sony Open.

Four days after losing a pair of pars in the final hole in Kapalua to a loss to the supplement, Niemann hacked the 50-foot Eagle chip in hole 18 Thursday for an 8-under 62 and a share of the lead with Jason Cockrack And the Peter Malnatti.

“It was a good way to finish,” Nieman said. “I spent a few days thinking about that last hole, but took all the positives out of the week and ruled them out for the week.”

They weren’t easy days for Nieman. The 22-year-old from Chile is still too young to take on the inevitable losses that accrue in the sport. Play Sunday in Kapalua with Sergio GarciaWho suffered a lot of failure, and who told him to think about what went well.

He did a lot on a windy afternoon in Waialae on a path with dry lanes, smooth green and low score. Nyman’s only ghost was when he fell asleep on a bird 25 feet above the hole at Number 12, running 10 feet out of the hole and trio. The ending was great.

Kokrak played no ghost, and was pleased with his 15-foot hitting No.1 – his tenth hole in the round – more than any of his nine birds. He had a 25-foot eagle versus 61 in the closing hole which missed a lot.

Malnate was the only one to play in the morning at 62, although conditions were the same for most of the day.

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The group included at 64 Daniel Berger, Among the 31 players in the Sentry Tournament of Champion last week on Maui Island, and Jim HermannWho should have been there.

Hermann arrived in Hawaii a week later than he had hoped and was happier than ever. He recovered from the coronavirus and scored his lowest in his tenth Sony Open appearance to get his year off to a good start.

He qualified for the Kapalua the Sentry Tournament of Champions by winning the Windham Championship, his third victory in his career. But his COVID-19 test came back positive while he was preparing to go to Maui, leaving him with no self-isolation for 10 days anytime to reach Kabalua.

“I feel good,” said Hermann. “Today’s low score clearly helps you feel a little better. I didn’t know what to expect this week.”

Hermann said he had had four miserable days dealing with the virus and still lacked its full flavor and aroma. The biggest concern was a slight inflammation of the lungs, which put pressure on his back and made sitting difficult. He finally managed to hit some golf balls last weekend and only played one round of golf.

The recording was perfect for different reasons than the Kabalua on a completely different path. Wind off the coast of the Pacific Ocean at the edge of the track is normal. But it was dry enough to roll the ball, which is useful for tee shots in the diagonal lane, and not so much when you’re off the line and heading towards the rough.

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There was another twist on Waialae – off-limits stakes for about 350 yards down the left side of 18th fairway. The tour set them up this year out of safety for those disembarking at the tenth lane, and without tents and stands due to the lack of spectators, it might be tempting for more players to shoot their tee at 18 down the tenth.

Nyman never crossed his mind. He made a big draw that still stumbled across the rough fairway, came short and finished on a good note.

It definitely was different from last week. Nieman missed a 6-foot bird in regulation (and shot 64), then in a playoff in the fifteenth game, he pulled it slightly and descended on a slope left of the green, leaving a strong and equalizing slide. Harris English He won by hitting a bird.

“It was the first time it really hurt, like finishing a golf tournament,” he said. “Maybe a day or two, I’m still thinking how I couldn’t make and get a bird at 18. I was talking with my coach, my psychiatrist. We talked for an hour about the whole tournament, not that 18th session. Hole. It was a good way. To take all the positives from that week. “

The English, hoping to be the third player to sweep the Hawaiian swing, had three ghosts in a stretch of four holes in the second nine, and had to fly two of the last three holes to get an equal 70’s.

The score was so low that only 30 of the 144 players were above the standard.

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He said, “They are playing great” Simpson WebOne in 22 players age 65 or better. “I think we all golfers love it most of the time. When we see good driving and the ball bounces 10 feet in the air, it feels good.”

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