Jared Feldher signs the Green Bay Packers after the start of the Indianapolis Colts Wild Card

Jared Feldher signs the Green Bay Packers after the start of the Indianapolis Colts Wild Card

Green Bay, Wes. – Jared Feldher The Green Bay Packers saved the qualifiers last year, and they can do it again this year – and it’ll make NFL history in the process.

A source told ESPN’s Adam Shifter on Monday that the veteran attacking intervention would be signed with the Packers.

Veldheer, 33, kicked off the Indianapolis Colts left-handed tackle on Saturday in their wildcard playoff against the Baltimore Ravens and would be the first player in NFL history to play post-season matches for two different playoff teams in the same season if he appeared in the Packers’ playoff game NFC against the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday.

He’s allowed to sign with Green Bay because he was in the Colts Training Squad and was only promoted to the Colts Playoffs and didn’t sign up to the 53-man roster, and he should be allowed to train immediately because he’s been in the Colts’ COVID-19 testing program.

Veldheer began with the Packers in the right treatment in last year’s NFC win over the Seattle Seahawks due to an illness Brian Bulaga. The Packers lured Veldheer out of retirement and signed him in November of 2019.

The Colts signed Feldher after another retirement from their coaching team last month.

The Packers lost the left intervention of David Bakhtiari to a tear in the AFC Champions League in training until the end of the regular season. they started Billy Turner On the left you enter in the place of Bakhtiari and put it Rick Wagoner In the right handling.

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Veldheer will probably be the best back-up intervention in the qualifiers, but Wagner was dealing with a knee injury and did not participate in any of the training exercises during the farewell last week.

It is also possible that the Packers would consider starting Veldheer at one point of tackling and then returning Turner to his starting position from last season, the right goalkeeper – a place that would be partially responsible for preventing the Rams All-Pro defensive interference Aaron Donald.

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