James Harden embraces “sacrifice” to make Nets’ Big 3 work

James Harden embraces “sacrifice” to make Nets’ Big 3 work

Kevin Durant, Keri Irving W. Nets newcomer James Harden They are all accustomed to leading their teams, scoring points and setting records. How will they participate, and retreat from being the heads of hierarchies to playing the role of good soldiers?

“Chemistry. Sacrifice,” Harden said Friday. “We are all elite, so depending on the game and what happens during the course of the match, this will determine who gets the ball and who is doing the playing.

“We are all selfless, we are all ready to pass by and play basketball the right way.”

Hardin is doubtful that Saturday’s debut is in exchange for magic at Barclays Center. He and coach Steve Nash continued to use the word “sacrifice” Friday, as General Manager Sean Marks had said the day before. Harden knows he can’t play the same way he has in the past and is expecting to raise the final prize.

“We have two elite scorers that the world already knows,” said Harden. “My job is to come out and, obviously, score the ball when needed, but my playmaking ability – as far as it is about taking our shots from the shooters and finishing our big members around the edge and making the whole team better – is one aspect of my game that will excel at this crime.

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“As long as I make my team-mates better, it doesn’t matter about points. Everyone knows that I can score the ball in a high section, and that’s where the sacrifice comes in.”

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Harden has won his last three record-breaking titles in Houston, making reclusive basketball an extreme unprecedented. Curling will obviously be heavyweights with the Big 3, but Harden will have to dribble less and pass more.

Nash said, “Yes, it would be a mod for him.” “He has played the same role for many years now, in the same way, in the same manner. So, he will be able to simulate it in some ways, but in other ways he will have to adapt to other players, like Kevin and Kay.”

Why would anyone think Harden would change his playing style?

Hardin’s isolates decreased from 14.1 property to just six, and the help-to-turn ratio (30 per 100 properties) and the help-to-turnover ratio (2.44) are her highest professional levels.

But even more telling is the refusal of a two-year extension of $ 100 million to leave Houston for Brooklyn. After chasing money earlier in his career, Harden now says he’s chasing after his first episode.

“[When I was] Harden said, “I was younger, giving myself a chance, but wanting money and wanting to take care of my family was very important to me.” “Now at this point in my career, he is giving myself a chance to do something I haven’t accomplished yet in this league. This is very important to me now and this is where I am in, and that’s why I’m here in Brooklyn.”

Harden isn’t the only one who will have to adapt.

Over the past 10 seasons, Irving’s average use of 42.5 in clutch time has been the highest in the NBA. Durant and Hardin tied for third place with 39.7.

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“They will not have the same size as they used to,” said Nash. “But they’re all excited about the opportunity to play with other great players.”

Durant is twice MVP in the Finals, while Irving has been the most popular winner of Game Seven in the past decade. If Harden wanted his own ring, he would have to make other changes. Over the years, his defense has been questioned, and this season he’s out in the camp out of fitness.

When Harden was asked about his condition, he replied, “Great!” Half a smile, half a smile. But he said external suspicion could not motivate him more than it is.

“I am motivated as much as they come in. I don’t care about defense and conditioning [talk] “Because everyone is starting the same boot camp, so I don’t care,” Harden said. “I don’t really care about him. I know I’m one of the best basketball players we have in this league. My job is to go out and focus on what we’re supposed to be doing every night.”

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