Greg Norman delivers warning during ‘hideous’ COVID-19 battle

Greg Norman delivers warning during 'hideous' COVID-19 battle

Greg Norman detailed the severe symptoms of COVID-19 that had “kicked out the crap” from him while returning to the hospital after he initially thought he had overcome the worst of the virus.

The legend of the Australian golfer, who lives in America, revealed two days ago that his Christmas was devastated when he contracted the Coronavirus, as did his son Greg Norman Jr. What began as “mild symptoms” Norman soon experienced pain like never before. Before.

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Norman told his 191,000 Instagram followers on Sunday that he has returned to home quarantine after an initial visit to the emergency room, and he’s still experiencing symptoms but on a lesser scale.

However, Norman needed two negative tests in a row to make sure he was on his way to recovery and able to stay home, and Norman tested positive and returned to the hospital a second.

The 65-year-old thanked the doctors and staff at his facility in Palm Beach and said, “Get an injection of the antibody Bamlanivimab. The path to a full recovery. I hope he is out later today.”

Norman is in great physical shape and in the past he would regularly post pictures on social media wearing his T-shirt and explaining his custom workout routine.

However, even as a healthy person, COVID-19 has infected a golfer in a way that they have never experienced before.

Norman wrote on Instagram, “I am fit, strong, and have a high ability to withstand pain, but this virus threw me out of nonsense as if I had never seen it before.”

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“Muscle and joint pain is on another level. A headache that feels like a chisel running through your head and pops out small bits every time, a fever, muscles that don’t want to work like yesterday I walked my dog ​​Apollo and quadriceps want to work because of fatigue.

“Then my taste failed as the beer tasted bad and the wine was the same. Finally I sometimes struggled to remember names and things. Then there was irritation.”

Norman urged everyone to take the “hideous” virus seriously so that they could avoid the battle it faced.

“So please be careful. And for those skeptics out there, don’t judge or make unjustified comments and opinions, I don’t want anyone, even you, to be exposed to this hideous virus,” he said.

“So I ask, do what is right, not just for you, but for your family, friends, co-workers and other people around you. I am lucky more than most people and for this I am grateful and blessed. The world is blessed and science has acted and performed like never before in Get a vaccine / vaccines for everyone to finally get.Thank you to these people.We need to return our world to a healthy harmony so that we can enjoy economically good health and prosperity as millions and millions of people get to live again.

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“God bless the infected and those who may inadvertently fall into this virus. My prayers and thoughts are directed to you all. Once we get out of here today, we return to quarantine.”

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A week earlier, Norman was playing the PNC Championship in Florida with Norman Jr. The couple finished ninth in the father-and-son championship, and are the successors to headline-grabbing Tiger Woods and his 11-year-old son, Charlie.

Norman Jr. revealed that he and his partner Michelle also contracted COVID-19, saying that half of him were “severely ill” with “four days of fever, body ache and a migraine.”

Norman put himself in quarantine after returning from the PNC Championship in Florida and tested negative for Coronavirus before and after the event as part of his PGA protocols.

However, four days into his isolation, the main winner twice began showing symptoms and on the advice of his quarantined doctor, before things got worse enough for Norman to go to hospital for the first time.

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