Google is silently releasing a huge Google Maps update for some users

Google is silently releasing a huge Google Maps update for some users

Last year, the company announced updated street level details that will provide us with more information about a specific location, and now it looks like four areas are getting this update.

More specifically, London, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo are updated with lots of new details on Google Maps, including neatly graded roads, paths and stairs in parks, sidewalks, cross paths, medians and pedestrian islands.

In some cities around the world, you can now find street-level details, such as footpaths, sidewalks, and realistic road views, within maps. These details help you explore an area more accurately and make plans before you visit. This can be especially useful when you are traveling on foot or have accessibility needs, such as wheelchair or stroller requirements.Google explains in a file Support page.

Such as Others Also, I noticed, there’s nothing you can do to get Google Maps updated, as everything is powered by a server-side switch. In other words, even if you are running the latest versions of Google Maps, whether it’s stable or beta, the search giant itself needs to enable updated map details for your device.

Needless to say, Google will soon bring the same update to more regions around the world, as the rollout is gradually taking place. Obviously, the amount of work required to present extremely fine detail is huge, so it may take some time for small towns to get the same street-level update.

Meanwhile, Google is also working to bring driving mode in Google Maps to more users. This feature is currently in preview stage in the US for Android users, and the company is expected to release additional improvements and expand availability throughout the year.

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