Gazelle will stop accepting swaps in the mail on February 1st

Gazelle will stop accepting swaps in the mail on February 1st

Used electronics market Deer The mail exchange program terminates at. In an email he received the edge, The company says it will stop providing service on February 1, 2021, which means that potential customers have until January 31 to get an old device if they want to take advantage of the outgoing program. After this date, Gazelle will continue to sell refurbished devices on its website. And if you intend to trade with an old phone or iPad, you can still do so through the parent company. ecoATM, Which operates kiosks across the United States. Competing services such as grove It would remain an option, too.

to me the edge, Gazelle does not provide a reason for this move, but the current state of the US mobile market must have played a role in the decision. In recent years, phone rental has become incredibly popular, with both carriers and manufacturers offering their own twist on the idea. If you are the kind of person who likes to have the latest iPhone model, then there is no need to sell your current model to a company like Gazelle when you can exchange it directly with Apple through both. IPhone upgrade program And traditional Trade program. Since 2017, Apple has also offered Mail options For the former, so it is not as if the exit of a deer leaves a gap in the market.

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