Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, Galaxy Buds and SmartTag: everything Samsung announced today

Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, Galaxy Buds and SmartTag: everything Samsung announced today


We’re at a tail CES 2021 Samsung decided to launch its new flagship phone Galaxy S21 line, Consisting of the S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra, with an Unpacked event during the same busy week; They start at $ 800 (£ 769). The launch, which was about a month earlier than usual, included an Galaxy Buds Pro headphones And the Tracking a SmartTag Object.

The new Galaxy S21 is made entirely of metal and has tougher glass for better durability, with a screen that supports adaptive update between 48 and 120 Hz and improved blue light protection. Of course, there are three better cameras and new AI image processing devices. Bokeh better! Pet Mode! It adds multi-point processing and improved skin white balance to your selfie options.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: first look at the new version from Samsung …


For video, you will be able to pull 8K images from videos, capture photos and videos simultaneously, as well as the best shooting mode. It also adds a multi-camera view to the video, with fast switching between them – and that sounds pretty cool.

The phone has an updated processor for faster processing as well with updated security hardware. Samsung has worked with Unity, the maker of game developer tools, to improve games.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a better processor, screen, and cameras compared to its smaller brothers. It has a new 108MP image sensor that gives it additional pixels to stack for better low-light photos. “Nona Penning!” “Zoom in space!” This is a new algorithm, which takes advantage of the new folded lens to offer better zoom between the wide-telephoto and locking feature to reduce camera shake.

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First look at the new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus


Samsung has improved compatibility with third-party services. It now uses Android messages instead of forwarding through its messaging system, for example. There is more support for Android APIs from Google, such as Android Auto And nest, Inside the SmartThings app.


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Ultra comes in black … an imaginary black. The new screen requires less power and shifts between 10 and 120Hz in flight to save battery, but it’s brighter with a wider range. The S Pen Pro It is new, with Bluetooth actions, and the new S Pen was created in conjunction with Wacom.

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Samsung launches SmartTags for the first time


Samsung brings its IoT technology to Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus (with ultra-fast wireless band), and small portable devices to track anything (or anyone) that you can wear, using the SmartThings Find app on your phone.

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However, they are not just phones. The company debuts the Galaxy Buds Pro as well, with improved audio – it’s adding a small speaker for better bass. They have motion tracking sensors and Dolby 360 surround sound, as well as active noise cancellation. And they look very different.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has a completely new design


The microphone is also improved to be more directional and has more fit with adjustments to reduce wind noise. Galaxy Buds Pro costs $ 200 in the US and £ 219 in the UK.

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