Finally, the Pandemic era doorbell

Finally, the Pandemic era doorbell has announced a new device for anyone concerned about visitors contracting COVID-19 from their doorbell. Instead of using a button, the Video doorbell without touch Designed to blend in when the camera detects visitors standing on your doormat. claims that this is “the first commercially available video doorbell that rings without the need for any communication”, and that its goal is to “reduce public health risks and make home visits and delivery safer for everyone”.

Apparently it is an admission that this is it Somewhat confusing way To ring the doorbell, there are instructions on how to ring the device printed on its front. also sells a doorknob wiper attachment, which guides visitors to where to park so that the doorbell can see them properly. Looking at how baffled we found most delivery drivers were Yale Intelligent Delivery BoxThere is a chance that a doorbell without touching this could cause similar confusion.

Instructions for how to ring the doorbell itself can be found …

… plus mop attachment, available separately.

When’s doorbell detects a person, it chimes in the house, sends a notification to your phone, and starts recording a video. You can see and talk to visitors through the doorbell, and it also integrates with the rest of the smart home security system for the home, so that it can turn on other devices such as lights when someone detects. His camera is 1080p HDR, and it is also equipped with infrared night vision.

It’s impressive that the key people who will benefit from the doorbell never touching will be the delivery drivers who have become a vital lifeline for people who avoid leaving their homes. But it is not clear how much help a non-touch doorbell can provide.

Latest advice from us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is that surface transmission (such as touching a virus-contaminated doorbell and then touching your face) “is not believed to be a common way in which COVID-19 spreads.” Instead, it is believed that COVID-19 is spread most often from person to person when they are in close contact with each other, which is something you don’t need a touchless smart doorbell to avoid.

Contactless video doorbell from is now available through the company’s network of installation partners. When asked, the company did not comment on exactly how much the system costs, but did say that the price for the doorbell itself is “less than $ 200”.

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