Everything Windows 10X looks like Chrome OS [Gallery]

Everything Windows 10X looks like Chrome OS [Gallery]

Windows 10X was originally designed to make its debut on dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo, before it later came to laptops. Last MayIn the midst of an increase in work from home, Microsoft announced a “focus on single-screen Windows 10x devices” “focus. A “near-final version” of Windows 10X has been leaked, revealing some key similarities with Chrome OS.

the edge Tom Warren participated this evening Prof. Husband From Videos On Twitter it reviews build Windows 10x. For each prof ZDNet This past July, this OS is supposed to launch in the spring and is aimed “primarily at businesses (especially first-line workers) and education.” Given the timing, what is being shown today is most likely the initial version shipped.

First we see that Windows 10X home screen is made up of a taskbar and wallpaper. It’s not clear if files, folders, and apps can be installed on the desktop, but Chrome OS also lacks this capability. This method is simpler to help keep sync across devices and not place files in more than one place. Meanwhile, open or pinned applications to the taskbar, such as Chromebooks, are centered instead of being populated from left to right on Windows 10.

The first item below opens a full screen launcher that starts with the “Search the web or your devices” field. For comparison, the app on Chrome OS prompts users to “search your device, your apps, your settings, the web …”

This is followed by a network marked by both “apps and websites”. Presumably the former consists of Universal Windows Platform apps where 10X is rumored (via Windows Central) To not support legacy Win32 programs natively, progressive web applications form the last category. From this launcher Microsoft, like Google with Android apps, does not distinguish the nature of the apps.

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Only 15 apps are displayed at a time, with a “Show All” button in the upper-right corner. The “most recent” section appears below these files and is more personalized than the circular display in which Chrome OS should distinguish one or two documents, tabs, and applications.

Meanwhile, clicking the time in the lower right corner opens Quick Settings. Users, arranged in a grid, can make changes without leaving this panel, while there is a single slider for adjusting the volume. Like Chrome OS, it can be shrunk to show only major preferences, while your profile picture appears here as well.

Another major similarity to the Chromebook’s experience is how ‘Notifications’ are displayed in cards right above Quick Settings with ‘Clear All’ at the top left.

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