ESPN superstar reporter calls for the NFL to investigate Eagles, the tank coach

ESPN superstar reporter calls for the NFL to investigate Eagles, the tank coach

Numerous fans criticized sports and the media across the country Philadelphia Eagles For their lack of effort in their 20-14 loss ahead Washington Soccer Team Sunday night.

The Philadelphia had 10 players initially inactive for the match, and Eagles coach Doug Pederson was heavily criticized for participating in a midfield position. Galen Horts Nate Sudfield in the third half in the second half of the competitive match, which raised problems with many across the league that the Eagles deliberately dropped.

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During an interview with reporters on Monday, Pederson held out his rifle that he was trying to win the match, even though he was playing in the beginning. ESPN reporter Sal Paulantonio, who has covered Eagles for so long, is not sold into the team trying to win.

On Monday, Paolantonio appeared in ‘The Dan Patrick ShowAnd talked about the decision taken by Philadelphia during the match.

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“If I’m in the NFL, and if I’m Roger Godel, I’m wearing my Kennesaw Mountain Landis now and I’m doing a criminal investigation of what happened,” Pauloantonio said.

After Patrick replied, “Are you serious?”

Paulantonio said: “In full. Two thousand percent.” “If you’re telling me you’re playing to win the game, well, who buys that? … I think it’s worth the league time to see what happened.”

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Pederson told reporters he was “training to win” but he also planned to give Sudfield some shots during the match, according to ESPN. Sudfield was in the match for the Eagles’ four captains. Philadelphia was close to taking the lead or tie.

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