Elon Musk surpassed Jeff Bezos to become the richest person on earth

Elon Musk surpassed Jeff Bezos to become the richest person on earth

Elon Musk has become the richest person on the planet, surpassing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, thanks to the steady rise in Tesla’s stock price. Musk is now valued at around $ 188 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

“How strange,” Musk chirp Thursday. “Well, get back to work …”

The musk beating Bezos’ extravagant personal fortune of about $ 187 billion is the latest development in a years-long competition between the tech poles – one often focused on their business accomplishments.

It is said that Bezos was very jealous of Musk’s success in the Secured a $ 1.3 billion stimulus package For Tesla’s Gigafactory plant in Nevada, it was the upbringing of the Amazon plant Find a Miss Pageant style for a second home. Bezos has a spaceflight company in Blue Origin as much as Musk does with SpaceX. The two men Circulation Barring criticism About their missiles and so on Fought over NASA’s holy estate. (SpaceX won that battle and is the only one of the two companies to successfully reach orbit.)

musk Only Bill Gates just passed In November to become the second richest person in the world. The Tesla CEO saw his personal fortune soar in 2020 to the value of more than $ 150 billion, in large part because Musk owns Much Of Tesla shares – about 20 percent of the company, in fact. Tesla’s stock has grown incredibly well over the past year or so as well, as Musk drove the company out of its so-called “production hell” and dramatically increased sales of its electric vehicles, thanks to the Model 3 sedan and Model Y. SUV. Sync it with a file The staggering rise of retail investors Who was he More willing to fully share Tesla story Than it was on Wall Street.

The billionaire executive’s stock continues to grow, especially after he signs a major contract 10-year compensation package With the company in 2018 that also tied his earnings to Tesla’s share price and revenue targets. He is granted a set of company stock options every time a new milestone is achieved; The first installment he received earlier this year, It was worth about $ 800 million.

Like most billionaires, Musk only saw an increase in his total wealth during the coronavirus pandemic. But unlike the peer group, Musk claimed in court that,Poor cashAnd “financially illiquid” in 2019, and last year said he would sell “Almost all physical propertyHe takes loans against shares that make him so rich and returns that money to his companies, like he did when he drowned Around $ 100 Million at The Boring Company in 2018. Musk has a long history of using his personal fortune to fund new endeavors as well, having funded Tesla and SpaceX after becoming a millionaire running Zip2 and PayPal.

Musk may now be the richest man on Earth by the standards of money-focused outlets like Bloomberg And the Forbes, Although they tend to focus on the account of knowable assets. However, authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman are extremely wealthy Roads that are difficult to calculate And they also have unchallenged access to the immense wealth of their nations.

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