Disney reveals first look at Tom Holland’s role in the new Disneyland Spider-Man game

Disney reveals first look at Tom Holland's role in the new Disneyland Spider-Man game

This is the real Spider-Man.

Such as Disney Continue to work on the new A land of marvelAvengers Campus, more and more concepts are being revealed. Recently, the company showed a familiar face for its Spider-Man-themed ride.

Disney revealed its first look at Tom Holland and his role in pulling the Global Engineering Brigade (WEB) on Disney Parks Blog. Dutch Reprise his role as Peter Parker from the popular “The Avengers” movie series.

The journey itself is called Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure.

Retired Disney GALAXY Journey guards were almost something else

At first glance, Holland describes a visit to the Avengers Campus. He jokes, “When I first joined, I played Spider-Man, I went to the Avengers HQ and it was just a bunch of green screens.”

He goes on to explain the story behind the ride, saying that Peter Parker has invented a new innovation on the Internet and shows it to riders when something goes wrong. Tom Holland, as Peter Parker, will guide riders through an adventure he says will make them feel exactly like Spider-Man.

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According to the Disney Parks Blog, the trip will include body movements and gestures. When wearing special goggles, the riders will be able to experience shooting meshes from their wrist while the battle causes the Spider-Bots to malfunction.

Fox News Previously mentioned Disney has confirmed that the new Avengers campus will debut in 2021 at the California theme park. The company released this announcement in a recent email to the D23 Disney fan club.

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The Avengers campus, which is based on popular comedies and movies, was originally scheduled to open in mid-July last year. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has forced Disney to cancel those plans. Until this latest announcement, it had not been confirmed that the Marvel-themed park area would open in 2021.

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