Chrissy Teigen criticized the inaugural tweet for “deaf accent”

Chrissy Teigen criticized the inaugural tweet for “deaf accent”

Chrissy Teigen can’t do anything right these days.

The former Sports Illustrated model has come under fire on social media again – this time in support of her husband, John Legend, who has been invited to perform at President Joe Biden’s party. opening ceremony.

The Stacked Lineup – which includes Garth Brooks, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen, Among many others – They recorded their acts on Tuesday for TV audiences on Wednesday.

But despite the star-studded presidential transition, not everyone was thrilled in the celebrity caravan to the capital – as the city still suffers from riots at the Capitol on January 6.

On Tuesday, Teigen, a Biden supporter during the election, tweeted about her family’s enthusiasm for their trip to the White House: “Happy mobilization on the inauguration.” 35-year-old books, Alongside a photo of her son, Miles, wearing an uncomfortable fat lip prior to the event.

Few followers, however, found their happiness insulting.

Hey, Chrissy DC residents aren’t very happy right now and can’t even “pack their cars happy to drive to the grocery store due to the military situation in the city but yeah LOL comes down especially in the event of a pandemic.” How happy he is !!! ” @Staceybrnan tweeted.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were spotted in Washington, D.C. before the opening.
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were spotted in Washington, D.C. before the opening.

When another female fan indicated that Teigen and her family had no role in the storming of the Capitol, staceybrnan doubled down by calling the author of the “Cravings” cookbook “Deaf Accent” to travel to the capital – “When John does an unpleasant thing nobody will be able to see.”

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She said, “It’s all a privilege and it really minimizes what happens through DC.”

Chrissy Teigen stopped for a photo with the National Guard in the capital
Teigen pauses for a photo with the National Guard in the capital – “the actual heroes,” she describes on Twitter.

Viewers will be able to watch the singer’s “Ordinary People” show tonight. On several Television networks as well as social media platforms. But staceybrnan won’t have any of them.

“Why can’t he put on a virtual show and also why does his entire family have to go when literally no one can navigate town?” She asked. “She should turn on the TV,” she concluded, referring to Teigen and her family.

Then Teigen enters again. “For f – – ks why are you guys always mad at me,” Scarred. “All I want to do is make you happy or at least leave you feeling a neutral feeling of indifference.”

Many fans, including residents of the capital, came to Teigen’s defense against the DC franchise control authority.

“Please don’t speak on behalf of residents of the capital. Thank you,” he said Embed a Tweet.

“Some people choose to be completely mean for no reason.” Reply @iberk65 In the subject. “I pity them. I pity those who must be around them. So much hate in their hearts.”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a historic moment. She has the power to make her children witness the first ever bi-race woman – someone who looks like them! – Be Vice President! They will always remember her. I live in DC and it’s bad.” [Don’t] Misplace your anger on her Added kirirulz.

Teigen doesn’t seem to let go of the criticism for her – and she’s just as pleased to see Biden being sworn in like the 81 million other Americans who voted for him.

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And just like us, she’s also cool J.Lo. Promoted.

In a series of videos that I shared while watching the events unfold outside the window of the Capital Hotel on Wednesday morning, I wondered, “Breaking News, Breaking News: It’s J.Lo and A.Rod!”

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