Browns Center, NFLPA President calls on JC Tretter to end NFL’s unofficial practices

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CLEVELAND, OH – The Browns Center and NFL President JC Tritter wrote Thursday that it believes the 2020 season has shown that the off-season league program is not as necessary as it had previously thought.

Triter Writing on the NFLPA website, Cite new and successful first-year coaches, novices who are successful and newly assembled teams have had success as reasons why delegates during OTAs and junior camp do not hold the significance some believe they do. The league conducted its nearly off-season program in the spring. The New Orleans Saints, one of NFC’s competitors this season, have completely canceled their off-season program.

Tretter writes, “After experiencing this change, there is no reason for us to return to the previous Offseason.” “We are the only major sports league with an off-season program. The sport that is most physically demanding is the only league that brings their players back to extra training outside the season.”

He cited data indicating high quality of play, even with limited time allocated to and outside the training camp and the absence of pre-season matches. He also called up the Football Association in 2011 that wiped out double training of the day, a controversial move at the time, but the move he wrote created a higher quality of play and a change that some former players say could have prolonged their careers.

Tretter also writes that the dirty play that many feared spending less time on the court did not happen.

He wrote: “Dirty play is usually evident with low-goal games, too many penalties and more missed tackles, all things historically attributed to insufficient training time to hone our basics. But we saw the exact opposite this year, with points scoring in every game. All-time highs, fewer penalty kicks and even missed tackles compared to last year.

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“We don’t need to bring us through April and June to practice against each other. It’s simply not necessary.”

Currently, the Offseason program begins in April with a start time that is determined by whether the team has a new head coach or a returning coach. The first stage consists of conditioning and no fieldwork. Organizing team activities include 10 post-draft practices which are voluntary. There is also a mandatory mini camp, which most teams hold in June at the end of the program.

Teams also run entry-level programs, including a mandatory junior campsite during one of the post-draft weekend. Tretter did not specifically address the Junior Program in his post.

Brown’s coaches have, as you might expect, showed great respect to Tretter and the work he did as president of NFLPA, but they fell out with the idea of ​​ditching the offseason.

“As a coach, it is clear that we would like them to be there in the spring to train them,” said Alex Van Pelt, attack coordinator. “Thinking like a quarterback coach and a quarterback coach, this is the precious time we missed in the spring of talking about footwork, details, protection, adjustments, and everything that comes with the mental side.”

Van Pelt remembers his participation in Quarterback School as a player, losing part of the Offseason program to the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Van Pelt said, “The health and safety of everyone is the most important, but if we can get together, then we as coaches would like to include them because there are a lot of things that are being missed which is not going through online travel agencies and seeing the looks and seeing the different issues that arise. In the memory bank that you use during the season. “

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Special teams coordinator Mike Braver said he expects some changes in Offseason after his trial this year but said he would never want to eliminate it.

“I think it’s critical to develop our young players, especially our draft choices, our college agents and players who come from other teams to integrate them into our locker room and engage players everywhere else,” said Brevier.

Braver said he understood where Tretter came from in his position, but he still believed the program was valuable.

He said, “Part of continuing with all of us in the spring is the camaraderie of the team, building harmony in the locker room and understanding, looking into the eyes of your players and telling them what you expect from them.”

Tretter believes players can be trusted to do what needs to be done in the off-season.

“Our Players Are Professionals” wrote. “They understand what they need to do in order to prepare. Many of our young people train throughout the year to be at their physical peak. They also study their playbooks in order to prepare mentally.”

Offseason will likely become a major point in future negotiations, especially as the league continues to increase the number of games played, which they have already done by adding an extra team to each conference this season – adding two additional Wild Card games – and planning to do more on Most likely Expansion to 17 regular season matches As soon as next season.

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