Apple is planning to redesign the iMac in a long time

Apple is planning to redesign the iMac in a long time

Last year's 27-inch iMac is the end of this design streak.

Last year’s 27-inch iMac is the end of this design streak.
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Apple rumor mill for sure Quickly churn And the Angry Today.

As expected, I amT looks like 27-inch iMac Apple’s release last summer will be the last of Intel’s iMacs. It will also be the last to feature the iMac’s signature design, with thick black edges around the screen, a giant aluminum chin adorned with the Apple logo, and the latter with a curved back. The iMac is finally getting a restart, baby.

to me Bloomberg, Apple will replace its Intel iMac lineup with redesigned 21.5 and 27-inch versions with an Apple Silicon later this year. This is the first fix the iMac has seen in nine years, and frankly it’s tough. Last year iMac did very well, especially if you choose to The glass screen is nano-texture, but it definitely looks old, and it’s possible that the processing power we saw from Apple’s ARM-based M1 chip in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is just a taste of what’s coming in the new iMac. Bloomberg says the new iMacs will be closer to Apple’s hardware Pro Display XDR (Very beautiful, but also $ 5,000).

Those of you are hoping to fix it completely But iPhones or MacBooks will be disappointed. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the iMac is the only product that has been significantly redesigned.

For professionals who need more of their device than iMac can offer, Apple is also said to be developing two new Mac pros. (The Pro version is Apple’s most expensive desktop computer.) The version that most likely stands out is a redesigned Pro version that may resemble the Power Mac G4 Cube, according to Bloomberg, and will be powered by Apple Silicon. The second will look similar to Mac Pro was released in 2019 and Intel sports processors. Honestly, the G4 Cube’s appearance would be much appreciated after two odd looking Mac pros: the 2019 cheese grater aesthetic, which followed the 2013 Trashcan Pro.

If you don’t want to shell out the $ 5,000 Pro Display XDR to go with a Mac Pro (or Mac Mini) but also want an Apple-designed display, the company is also working on a cheaper version. Obviously, it won’t have a professional-looking Pro Display, but most people don’t need something very sophisticated in everyday use. We welcome the average Apple display after canceling the $ 1,000 Thunderbolt Display five years ago.

Now we just have to wait and see if these developments pay off – but the odds look very good.

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