An informal mummering event was planned despite the town’s request to stay home

An informal mummering event was planned despite the town’s request to stay home
Philadelphia (WPVI) – Walking around South Philadelphia neighborhoods, there are posts to remind people that the city has canceled the upcoming New Year’s Day parade.

“There is nothing organized. There is no official show,” said Sam Regalboto, president of the Philadelphia Association of Strung Mummers Squads.

Regalbuto says they’re asking their members to stick to this year’s tradition.

“As someone directly affected by COVID, we urge people to stay home and be safe with their families,” he said.

Online, a Facebook page with unknown hosts announced a New Year’s Eve protest against Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny.

About 2,800 people have already signed up and confirmed that they will attend.

The city is urging people to stay home and stay safe.

“We’re just going to go there, squirt and give everyone free hand sanitizer,” said Michael McGrill.

McGrail is not a member of any mummers club but does intend to distribute safety packages to those who wish to attend Friday’s casual event.

“We’ll go ahead one way or another,” he said.

“It’s a little painful because we’re here, and we usually have a lot of work when they’re here,” said Neil Menninger.

Meanwhile, some area residents feel that the new year will be calmer.

Others have not made a decision on whether to attend the informal celebrations.

Rebecca Nene said, “I might. Maybe not. I’m kind of nervous about it. I don’t want to catch it or anything else.”

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