A drunk dancer tries the epic “dirty dance” move and hits her neck

A drunk dancer tries the epic “dirty dance” move and hits her neck

Someone needs to put that “kid” in the corner.

A drunk dance teacher has redefined “breakdance” after she terribly lands on her head while trying to recreate the famous baby girl of Bibi and Johnny from “Dirty Dancing” with her boyfriend.

“It went very fast,” said Mele Selnette, 25, of the moment of bone dispersal that has spread since then.

“I had no professional cover,” a Sydney, Australia citizen told the Kennedy News Center. “We had a few drinks – but I think having a few drinks in my device might have helped me fall because I was a little more relaxed.”

The botched dance started after Millie challenges her sister Rosie, 19, to a dance in her family’s garden. They wanted to know who could duplicate better High flying sequence from the 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing,” in which Johnny Patrick Swayze raises Jennifer Gray Baby over his head while the 1980s song performs “I Had My Life’s Time.”

Millie was confident that she and boyfriend Conner Justin, who is 6 feet by 1 feet, “were in the bag” because she was a dance teacher and her sister is just a fashion designer. According to Millie, her brother’s attempt was “horrific”.

In the 23 seconds video After being shot by her sister, things start out promising with the choreographer making a quick jump in Justin’s arms, at which point he raises it over his head so that it is parallel to the floor.

Melee, who also hosts “I thought we made it through,” remembers.Dance pod Podcast, Her Unfinished Moment in the Spotlight.

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Millie landed on her neck as she tried to recreate the iconic elevator from "Dirty dance" Deviated.
Millie Selnette landed on her neck when her attempt to recreate the epic elevator from “Dirty Dancing” with her boyfriend Connor Justin failed. Her sister captured the moment on video.
Kennedy News & Media

However, the process of her recreation is deflected after she falls onto her shoulders and lands on her head, causing her neck and body to bend violently like a folding chair.

“I kept trying to lift my legs up and then they crossed my head,” said the choreographer, who does several dance chains at home with Justin. “It went from fine to not good in 0.3 seconds.”

“I’m very lucky. It could have been a lot worse … I could have died.”

Millie Slienette, 25

At that point, Rosie stopped filming and her family scrambled to see if Millie could still move her limbs.

The impromptu stunt woman was later reported to the hospital, where a CT scan revealed she miraculously escaped any damage other than bruising. After reviewing the footage of the accident, the doctors were surprised that she could walk at all.

“I know I’m very lucky.” It could have been a lot worse, Milly said. “I could have cut my neck or damaged my spine. I could have died.”

Mellie Selnette miraculously avoided serious injury
Millie miraculously managed to avoid a serious injury when Conner dropped her.
Kennedy News

Instagram viewers were equally confused about how she managed to get off the stunt without getting hurt.

“Wow !!!!!! so glad you are doing well, this is too extreme,” said one commenter comfortably about the impressive saga “Unbreakable”.

Another wrote, “Omg Millie, my toes clotted, my stomach flipped over. I close my eyes. Terrifying!”

However, the shocking clip was said to have bothered Millie’s father so much that he vowed to delete it from his phone.

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As for her dance routine, Millie said she “doesn’t recommend trying it after a couple of drinks.”

“Definitely try it out in the pool or whatever first.”

Millie and Conner recovered from "terrifying" Moment.
Millie and Conner have recovered from the “terrifying” moment – and now they’re all in common.
Kennedy News & Media

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